Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Weather and Climate in Nainital

Nainital, due to its location in the inner Himalayas experiences a very pleasant weather during the entire year except the winter season (December, Jaunary and February). This beautiful hill station does not experience VERY high temperatures at any time during the entire year but the winters are very cold and the the mercury takes a sudden dip.

During April - June, expect a maximum temperature of about 27 degree Celcius with the minimum temperature of about 12 - 15 degree Celcius and due to this, it gets the maximum number of tourists during this period, especially from the plain regions of Northern India.

During July and August, Nainital receives heavy rains and therefore, the climate is humid. It does rain but if you want to be in the clouds all the time, then this is the best time to go.

September, October and November are probably the best months and a perfect time to be in Nainital. The weather is very pleasant and you will not come across too many tourists at this time of the year. However, November will be slightly colder.

Nainital enjoys snowfall during the months of January and February but it remains for a shorter period of time. March is also quite cold. So all the people who have never seen snowfall, this is the closest place from Delhi. Through our blog, we will keep you updated :-)

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